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It’s no secret that many Xiaomi e-scooter owners would like to increase their scooter range and top speed. This can be achieved in 2 ways: the first one is replacing the scooter internal battery to a new higher voltage one, and the second way is mounting an additional external battery.

In the following two videos I will show you how to equip the scooter with an additional external battery that can be detouched and connected back at any moment, without voltages equalizing. We can even use a higher voltage external battery, like 48V one.

The first video is long and full of theory:

The second video is focused on installation process and testing, so it is shorter and simpler:

The text below is a short text version for people who prefer reading rather than watch a video. But this text contains only like 30% of information, so I still highly recommend to watch the videos.

The parts we need

If you are going to install an external battery, you basically need 3-4 parts: battery itself, mounted bag, adapter to match batteries, and a new charger(optional).


44V 11Ah external battery

Of course, this is the most important part. The bigger your battery, the greater range and speed improvement you get. “Bigger” means 2 battery characteristics:

-more capacity

-higher voltage


Increasing capacity, you extend range. Raising voltage, you improve top speed. For sure, you would like to get it all, so people usually install a battery with both increased capacity and voltage. But you have to be careful, since the maximum voltage is limited by the scooter hardware and must not exceed 55V for Xiaomi e-scooters. At the same time, the capacity is not limited, let it just fit into the bag.


My battery is 44V 10Ah, and since the original internal battery is 36V 7.8Ah, I expect about x1.2 speed boost and about x2.6 range increase.

Mounted bag

Mounted bag
Mounted bag installed at the scooter

That’s really funny, but there are still no factory-made bags with a rigid mount on the scooter frame after 5 years since the scooter was released. Therefore, the solution is to get a cheap standard “WildMan 2L” Aliexpress bag and equip it with a 3d-printed mount. Above you can see the mount I designed. By the way, the design is opensource, so you can make it yourself, just get and print the model: 


Higher voltage charger

44V 2A charger

This part is optional and needed if only we use a battery with increased voltage. My battery is 44V one, so I need the new charger.

Adapter to match batteries - "Rita"

"Rita" adapter

Let me explain why we can’t simply join the batteries and need to use a special adapter. The thing is the battery voltage depends on its charge level:

Battery voltage vs battery charge level

So, if we join the batteries, current starts to flow from the more charged one to the less charged one, like water in communicating vessels:

Communicating vessels

Finally, the voltages will be equalized:

Equalized batteries

But the problem is the current between the batteries can reach significant values during the equalization process, exceeding the batteries, wires, and plugs current limit:

Overcurrent during voltages equalization

Therefore, we must block the current between the batteries: let’s try to use 2 diodes for this purpose:

2 diodes

But this simple solution is not acceptable for Xiaomi e-scooters, because its main controller not only drain current from the batteries, but also recovery energy back when the brake is pushed. Diodes block the energy recovery current, therefore voltage at the controller instantly rises up, and the controller burns out.


So, we need a smarter circuit that could distinguish energy recovery current and current between batteries. This circuit must analyze controller and batteries voltages, and decide which current should be passed, and which – blocked. And this circuit also must be connected to data lines of the scooter controller to provide information about the additional battery state:

Desired smart circuit

I am proud to tell you that I have successfully designed this smart device, here it is:

"Rita" adapter general view and pinout

I named it “Rita”. Why? Well, the answer can be found in the first video at the beginning of this article =)


Ok, finally, we have everything we need to install the external battery, let’s pass to the installation process. 


The first step is securing the bag:

Bag installation

Use a wrench for the most secure fit:

Bag installation

After the bag is mounted, you can still put your feet under it and fold the scooter:

Mounted bag vs your foot

Now let’s put Rita inside the scooter and plug in all the wires:

Installed and connected Rita
And finally let’s join the external battery:
External battery inside the mounted bag
External battery inside the mounted bag
All done! The external battery is successfully installed! Let’s pass to the range and top speed tests.

Range and top speed improvement test

I spent a few days riding scooters and collected the following data:
External battery vs scooter range
External battery vs scooter top speed
Seems not bad!


Now I am really happy with this external battery: I just go wherever I want and never worry about remaining charge. I highly recommend this mod to everyone who needs more range and speed for his electric scooter.

Here are the links to the parts I used:


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