Free DIY upgrades for your electric scooter



I am proud to tell that our workshop is not only focused on selling goods and making money, but we are also happy to contribute to the community by creating and sharing basic designs for those who want to upgrade their scooter themselves. Let’s take a look at the available DIY guides.

Additional internal battery

This mod is suitable for Xiaomi M365, 1S, Essential, Mi3, PRO, PRO2.

The key idea of the mod is that there is no reason to COMPLETELY replace the scooter battery with another huge double capacity one, but it’s better to ADD another small battery with a capacity approximately equal to the original one, finally getting the same double capacity with both batteries installed. This kind of additional battery is not too huge, so it stays under $100 even if assembled of good branded cells. The battery is connected via a cheap wires splitter and located inside the scooter, so you do not have to spend money on an external bag as well.

The upgrade grants the best performance increase for its price, almost doubling your scooter range, but staying under $100:

And this is how the range is increased:

Scooter range vs additional internal battery

Make this upgrade, using the following DIY tutorial:

Custom internal battery for M365, 1S, Essential, Mi3

You just replace the original battery with a bigger one, covering it with an extended cover, but the loss in clearance is not as much as when installing an additional internal battery:

Expected performance boost is the following:

Custom internal battery vs scooter range
Custom internal battery vs scooter top speed

Scooter body depth extenders

For sure, you need to extend your scooter body depth to accomodate the batteries mentioned above. The DIY solution is making a spacer:

The models and short printing giudes are available at Thingiverse.


Xiaomi M365 / 1S / Mi3 / Essential:  


Xiaomi M365 / 1S / Mi3 / Essential, smooth shape:  


Xiaomi PRO / PRO2:

Mounted bags

The bags are needed to mount an external battery to your e-scooter:

That’s really funny, but there are still no factory-made bags with a rigid mount on the scooter frame after 5+ years since the first Xiami e-scooter was released. Therefore, the solution is getting a cheap standard “WildMan 2L” Aliexpress bag and equipping it with a 3d-printed mount. The models and short printing giudes are available at Thingiverse.


Xiaomi M365 / 1S / Mi3 / Essential / PRO / PRO2, 2L: 


Ninebot Max G30, 2L:


Ninebot Max G30, 3L:

External battery

Well, I haven’t released a complete external battery DIY tutorial yet. Today you have only the following path:

1. Read the additional internal battery tutorial, to understand how you join an extra battery with an y-cable, flasing a custom firmware. This principle is similar for both additional internal and external batteries – 

2. Make the mounted bag you need.

3. Make or buy a battery. As I mentioned above, I haven’t released an external battery making tutorial yet, so google it anywhere else, or buy an aliexpress battery. You have to choose carefully, because 80% of aliexpress batteries are crap. They say that “Aerdu” batteries are fine in 2023, but who knows will they keep quality or not.


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