Xiaomi M365 battery repair by BMS replacing



Updated in 2023: 

1. The solution described in this post is also suitable for repairing Xiaomi 1S/Essential/Mi3/PRO/PRO2 batteries with minor differences.

2. The newest BMS version has some changes in design, but it almost does not affect the installation process. The only difference is temperature sensors: the old version has 3 sensors, while the newest version is equipped with a single temperature sensor.

3. If you want to make a custom compatible battery, you’d better use a special Happy BMS, which is much more suitable for that purpose.



Xiaomi M365 is an excellent e-scooter, but its weak point is the battery, which can fail for a number of reasons. In the video below I explain how to replace the battery BMS, fixing most of the  typical issues at once.



Please remember that good condition of battery cells itself is required for successful repair. This can be checked by measuring voltages: every cells must be between 2.5V and 4.2V, otherwise it is dead and have to be replaced. The dead cells issue can not be sorted out by BMS replacing!

The text below is a short text version for people who prefer reading rather than watch a video. But this text contains only like 30% of information, so I still highly recommend to watch the videos.

Repair process

Throw away all Xiaomi electronics, getting a bare battery assembly

Bare assembly

Install the repair board inside

Repair BMS installation
Mounted Repair BMS

Connect the power wires

Power wires connection

Connect the balancing wires

Balancing wires connection

Install the temperature sensors

Temperature sensors installation

Wrap the battery back into the film and seal it

Repaired battery

Install the battery back into the scooter

Repaired battery installed back into the scooter

All done!

Wiring diagram and user manual

You can download Repair BMS wiring diagram and user manual using the link below:


Here are few screenshots from the user manual:

User manual page
User manual page
User manual page

Parameters setting

Repair BMS makes it possible to configure battery paramentes, such as capacity, serial number, maximum current and many others. The parameters are described in the user manual. 

Keep default values if you just repair an original Xiaomi M365/1S/3 battery. But if you repair a PRO/PRO2 battery, then you have to set proper capacity: 12800 mAh.

There is a special application to configure the battery:

Repair BMS set up


Well, the battery has been repaired and works fine.

Here are the links to the parts I used:

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